Organic Coconut Oil
Alchemy Organic Coconut Oil

Alchemy Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil


Ishani Botanical's all-natural cold press extraction process yields a pure, nutrient-rich oil containing 63% medium chain triglycerides and 50% lauric acid without the use of dangerous and harmful chemicals or heat.

This pure coconut Oil has natural moisturizing and deep conditioning properties, making it an invaluable part of any body-care regimen. 

Its solid, creamy texture turns to liquid at temperatures above 76℉, but in either state, this nutritious oil will leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

Why Ishani Botanicals?

We use only non-GMO organically grown coconuts processed without the use of fertilizers, chemical solvents or additives. Our coconut oil goes through meticulous quality-control procedures and is tested and retested for impurities.

A must have in every home! This oil is multi-purpose and can be used on skin as well as hair. Coconut oil strengthens/conditions hair, soothes sunburned skin, burns & blisters. Removes makeup easily.

How to Use?

For a daily night time regime, apply coconut oil liberally to all parts of the body in need of some coconut therapy, for a silkier, smoother and more radiant complexion. To promote healthier and stronger-looking hair, create a hair mask by melting one to three tablespoons of this organic Coconut Oil and apply it to roots and ends. Allow it to rest one hour before showering or, let it sit overnight for a deep conditioning treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Ishani Botanicals Virgin Coconut Oil naturally solid or liquid?

A: Virgin coconut oil is naturally solid due to the molecular structure of fatty acids and has a melting point of approximately 76˚F (24˚C). Our coconut oil is pure and unrefined and as such there can be variances in texture as the oil melts and solidifies. The change in state will not alter the nutrition profile or characteristic coconut qualities in any way. Store in a cool environment or in your refrigerator during summer months if you prefer it to remain solid.

Q: What is the shelf-life of Ishani Botanicals Virgin Coconut Oil?

A: Our coconut oil has a shelf-life of two years. We recommend storing it in a cool, dry place with the lid tightly sealed, away from heat and light.


Alchemy Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil

Alchemy Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil

Alchemy Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil
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